In Tandem around Maipu

Nathan woke up on his birthday on a night bus. You have two options when you book buses in South America. Cama which is like first class and Semi Cama which is economy. We decided to have Cama seats as a birthday treat! The seats are so much bigger and they go back quite far making sleep much easier! 

We had arrived in Mendoza and checked into our lovely hostel. The owner gave us all the information we needed to get the public transport to the Vinyards in Maipu (yes it’s pronounced My Poo which made for some funny jokes later) he even gave us a travel card for the bus. 

Arriving in Maipu we were dropped off outside the bike rental company. We decided to opt for the tandem bike to make the trip a little more difficult for us! We were armed with a map of the vineyards and headed off. 

Our first stop was a small vineyard with a beautiful sun terrace. We had a wander around the vineyards and the cellars before heading to the terrace for our first tasting. 

We were given 5 wines each to try along with information about each one. They were delicious and we already wanted to buy some to take home! 

Our next stop was an Organic Vineyard. This time we tried 10 wines including some fizz. We sat in the sunshine and pretended we could taste the differences haha! 

After 15 glasses we decided we needed to eat. So headed to the olive oil showcase. It turned out to not just be olive oil but condiments, chocolate and liquor. 

Our next stop was a craft beer place. After heading in the wrong direction for a good 20 minutes we had arrived. We sat in the garden and had two beers before trying to cycle back to the start. 

We decided to try Argentinian steak for Nathan’s birthday accompanied by another bottle of wine. We had a lovely waiter who brought out a cake and sang happy birthday! 

The next day, after an awesome veggie lunch, we headed to Bariloche, the land of chocolate. We spent a good while trying to find the right platform for our bus but eventually we found it. 

We had a beautiful hostel, one of our favourites on our whole trip. It was like a ski lodge with only room for around 10 people. The kitchen overlooked the lake which was so beautiful. The hostel even had a dog which nathan of course befriended. So much so that the dog would jump his leg. 

As we sat down to have our dinner Nathan recognised a guy sitting on the sofa. It was Eric who we had met 6 months ago in Thailand! How strange. 

The next day we decided to chill, I made Nathan a belated birthday cake in the same style as Toms in New Zealand. 

We met Mel that evening and we decided to join her on a hike the following day. It was great fun but difficult. Alex and Matilda from the hostel recommended that we stop at this place for lunch as it was amazing. We arrived at the top of the mountain hungry and ready to eat! Unfortunately they had a function that evening so was only doing drinks.We drank two beers each and a load of Peanuts attempting to fill a hole while look out over the amazing view. 

The way down was killer. It’s so steep so your constantly feeling like your knees are going to give way. 6 hours later we arrived back at the hostel ready for an early dinner and some leftover cake. 

The next day, Mel, Alex, Matilda, Nathan and I decided to do the hike at Llao Llao. We hopped on the local bus and arrived at the edge of the hike. Bariloche is like a Swiss Ski town and it’s so beautiful. In places it was so much like New Zealand. 

We hiked up to a view point which was incredible. We overlooked a few lakes which were surrounded by mountains. A perfect spot for our picnic. 2 hours more and we had reached the end of the walk. Hiking past forests lakes with great chats as we walked. 

We extended our stay in Bariloche for 4 more days as it’s such a relaxed place. We spent days relaxing by the lake and watching the sunsets. We can’t wait to go again. 

Until the next time….


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