Chasing Waterfalls

Our hostel was only a few blocks from the bus station so we headed straight there. The hostel was like a hippy commune. We seemed to be the only one paying for a room as there only seemed to be one room but 12 people slept throughout the property. In the reception, on hammocks, on the front step. It smelt very musky and I was so glad we were only staying one night. In the evening they all started playing the harmonica, awfully, which wasn’t the best when your trying to get to sleep. We were up early the next day to go to the Argentinian side of the falls. Unfortunately, half the park was closed due to a Puma spotting which was a little disappointing. Of course you still had to pay full price though! We caught the train inside the grounds to the Devils Throat. It was incredible. So much water and so powerful. We couldn’t take our eyes off the water and was completely enchanted (once we had pushed our way through the serial selfie takers). 
We decided to do another walk along the falls to get some different angles. Nathan was holding a plastic bag and a Coati snatched the bag and took our biscuits. Thieving bugger. 

The falls are beautiful but I would say that you can just do the Argentinian side as it’s much more impressive and you get a better deal for your money. Where the site is fully open there are lots of walks you can do and you can spot some awesome wildlife. I was hoping to see a Toucan but we were unlucky! 

Once we had got back to the town we booked our bus to Buenos Aires. The bus was comfy and they played some good movies but we were all woken up at midnight for dinner.. which was a little frustrating. I think they were trying to get us used to Argentinian meal times! 

We arrived at the bus terminal in Buenos Aries and hopped in a taxi (after spending 30mins trying to work out the local buses). The taxi driver seemed a bit dodge but I was tracking the route on my maps and we were heading in the right direction. 

As we arrived I went ahead of Nathan and walked up the starts to the hostel. Nathan was shouting behind me that a bird or something had pooed on him. I was telling him to come up stairs but an army of people had ran over to ‘help’ him. We later found out that these helpers throw something disgusting over you and then steal your small bag when you put it down or try and pickpocket you! Luckily nothing was stolen but it was a bit daunting. 

The hostel was in a great location in the centre of town but was super loud at night! They had also run out of free ear plugs… I wonder why? 

Aaron and Chels recommended the oldest cafe in Buenos Aries which was a lovely treat. We had churros and hot chocolate which was the best I have ever tasted. 

We were exploring the city when a girl ran up to me and handed me some tickets. I was very confused and had my guard up for another scam but she was genuine and gave us two free tickets for the Opera at Theatre Colon. 

The Theatre is beautiful. Massive and grand. The Opera was interesting, very long but it was great that they had English subtitles so we could understand the story line. We felt very lucky to be able to experience the Theatre in action! For free too! 

The next day after a few unsuccessful attempts to find the book shop Aaron and Chelsea recommended we decided to do the walking tour. 

The walking tour was hot but very interesting. We learnt about all the architectural influences. They wanted to make Buenos Aires a South American Paris. They had influences from France, Italy and Spain. We also learnt about the political demonstrations which have been held in Buenos Aires. The most well know is ‘The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo’. It consists of Argentinian mothers whose children were “disappeared” during the state terrorism of the military dictatorship, between 1976 and 1983. As protesting was illegal, they decided to walk in twos in a circle to enable them to demonstrate. (More about it here- Wiki

The next day we shared an Uber with two girls to La Boca. I wanted to see the colourful houses and Nathan wanted to see La Bombonera (Boca Juniors stadium). We had a great tour of the stadium and enjoyed the interactive museum. They had a great video installation which showed the history of the Boca Juniors. 

We then headed into the town and were luckily enough to see some Tango dancers. The way they move is beautiful and we stayed and watched for a while. 


The town is full of colourful houses. They are colourful as the people in the community all worked on boats. They then used their left over paint on their houses. Creating colourful La Boca. 

Until the next time… 


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