Road Trip: The Three Musky Pals 

We were up early and headed towards the Sunshine Coast. We stopped at Mooloolaba which is a lovely little beach town. There were some lovely shops which allowed us all to do some window shopping during the midday sun. We were glad to spend the day on the beach as it was so hot and we needed to either be in the sea or in the shade! 
We then headed to Hervey Bay which would be our base for two nights while we visited Fraser Island. This would also give Nathan a little break from driving. We headed to the local Irish pub for a few drinks in the evening. We ended up dancing to live band with lots of locals who thought we were hilarious!

The next day we were up at 6am to be picked up for our day trip to Fraser Island. After the ferry to the island we were ushered on to a 4×4 coach. We had a great tour guide, Brian, who new so much about Fraser Island. He also drove the truck amazingly fast on the largest island made of sand.

Our first stop was Lake McKenzie, super clear waters and the whitest sand I have ever seen. We had to watch out for Dingos as they can be quite dangerous if they get you alone. Our guide advised that the best thing to do is make yourself big and shout dingo as loud as you could, this means that loads of tourists come running to take a photo which helps protect you! We then headed to Central Station which is the formal Loggin Station when Fraser Island was used by logging companies. We walked along Wanggoolba Creek and admired the large ferns and rainforest. It is very unusual for a rainforest to grow on sand and there are beautiful noises created by the animals. We then were advised that is was lunch time. We saw the other groups having wraps and crisps so we weren’t expecting much but when we arrived we saw a large buffet. After camp meals all of our eyes light up, especially Nathans! After three helping we were back on the coach to see more of the island.

We headed straight on to Seventy Five Mile beach – a registered highway where the coach was able to travel 80km a hour.

We were then taken to the Maheno Shipwreak a boat which was washed ashore during a out of season cyclone in 1935. It is beautifully spooky and there are lots of colours formed in the rust. We were then able to get on a small plane which only fitted 5 people. Nathan sat next to the pilot as we flew over the whole of Fraser Island. We were able to see the whole island from air where the trees looked like mini broklies. Our last stop was Eli Creek where we were able to float down with the flow of fresh water! After an action packed day we sat with a beer on the pier and waited for the ferry to collect us.

When reaching Hervey Bay we piled on the coach to be dropped off at our caravan park. As the sun was setting we noticed a load of kangaroos hopping around which excited everyone on the bus. After only seeing dead ones on the side of the road this was very exciting for us too!

The next day we had a long drive to Yeppon where we would spent the night at a lovely beach campsite before heading to Arlie Beach. The campsite was lovely and right on the beach. It was also on Farnborough road which was very fitting!

On arrival at Arlie Beach we decided to book a boat trip with Providence Sailing to see the Whitsunday Island and do some snorkelling. We boarded a large sailing boat with two members of crew. Josh and Kieran were great fun and made the trip amazing. We started sailing towards Whitehaven beach, we hiked up to a view point then headed down to the beach in out stinger suits for a swim. The beach is breathtaking and there are so many variations of blue! We then had some lunch which was delicious before heading to do some snorkelling. The reef was so colourful and a couple of other guests said it was better than their trip to throw Great Barrier Reef. 

The sea was quiet at there were barely any other ships as we sailed back to the port.

When we got back to the campsite we were all ready for a chilled evening!

The next morning Nathan was up very early to be collected for his sky dive. This is apparently a great place to do it as you get an amazing view of the Whitsunday’s. Nathan was the last one off the plane and he says he was very excited and not nervous at all. He said it was amazing when he jumped out but it was quite painful when the parachute was finally released. When the parachute was release you head in a spiral all the way down which Nathan said made him feel quite sick!

After another long old drive we arrived for our last night on the road trip in Cairns. We did manage to have a lunch stop at an amazing viewpoint which was totoally accidental!

 We walked into town for our last veggie meal together and opted for veggie burgers! We walked back along the sea front wary of the signs which asked everyone to keep of the beach because of crocodiles. Waking up at 4am to be taken to the airport to fly back in Sydney

Moira and Kerri picked us up and we were very glad to get back to their flat for a little rest. Kerri spent the evening at a friends birthday and Moria, Nathan and I order Thai and watched Australia movies!

Moria and Kerri headed off on their little holiday and they kindly let us stay in the flat. We spent the evening with Geoff and Irena who have now settled in Australia and had just moved into their new flat.

On our last day in Sydney we headed to Bondi beach to get in some last minute beach time! There were helicopters flying ahead which were go looking out for sharks! It’s a great beach but we defiantly think Manly is our favourite.

Until the next time…


3 thoughts on “Road Trip: The Three Musky Pals 

  1. Such lovely photos.Australia seems like a highlight so far…and Farnborough Road! Hahaha! So much nicer than the one I know. Until next time then…xx


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